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Water Leak

  Signs Your Toilet May Have a Water Leak

A toilet is one of those things that you may take for granted until you have issues with yours. One of the most common issues that can develop with a toilet is a water leak. There are many places your toilet can leak from, including the tank, the bowl and even under the toilet itself. If your toilet has a water leak, you could be wasting water, or worse, water may be leaking underneath the toilet that can damage your subfloor and lead to mold growth. Some toilet water leaks are easy to fix, while others require a new toilet installation. Here are some of the signs that your toilet may have a water leak.

One of the signs that your toilet may be leaking is a toilet that is constantly running. If you can hear your toilet filling up automatically, there is a leak somewhere. Fortunately, in most cases, this is an easy fix that just requires minor repairs. Another sign that your toilet may be leaking is seeing a puddle near the base of your toilet. If you notice a puddle, you likely have a crack in the tank or bowl. This requires new toilet installation. The final type of water leak that your toilet may encounter is a leak beneath the toilet. The seal may be worn or the plumbing line may be cracked. You may notice softening of the floor around the toilet or shifting flooring. You may also notice a mildew-like scent, indicating water is present.

Do you suspect that your toilet has a water leak? Or do you simply need toilet installation due to the age of your toilet? Here at King David Rooter, Inc., we can help to inspect your toilet, repair your toilet or replace your toilet. Call us today to book an appointment with us.

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